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Darkoob Interior Decoration & Architecture, the first psychology-based interior decoration company, was established in 2006 with the aim to present professional architecture and interior decoration services, in a response to ever-increasing needs of the country in this field. The Company operates in the field of interior decoration consultation, design and execution based on the principle of practical design, high quality & punctuality in residential, administrative and commercial projects.
Considering the activity domain of Darkoob Company, this company has carried out different projects and obtained brilliant records of designing 120 prosperous projects.

Along with modern architecture and decoration sciences and taking into account the significance of psychological and personality aspects of individuals in designs, Darkoob Company has been taking new steps in interior decoration and architecture since 2008 by making use of Psychological Decoration Method. In other words, first a psychological analysis of the clientele is conducted, and then, in accordance with their personality type, temperament, and tendencies, the requested physical environment is designed and decorated. So, Darkoob Company, having an experienced psychology team as well as architecture and design team, is diligently trying to localize Psychological Decoration Method in the country. At the moment, this company is recognized as the only company operating in this field.

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