Office environments

Office environments:

Lobby (waiting space):

The most available space when entering is the most suitable location for placement of the lobby. The necessity of forming such space is for this reason that the person when entering the office space could have relation with secretary or information part and if needed wait some moments. As a result, the clerk or admission desk and furniture for people to sit is needed in this space. This Furniture should not necessarily have the form of official and usual office furniture and the number and shape of this furniture depends on the number of referring people. It should be kept in mind about the selection or design of furniture that the degree of comfort should be between the formal official furniture and comfortable living room furniture.

Management Room

The most formal furniture for office space is devoted to this section. This space should be more stylish than existing spaces to induce the sense of chairmanship and management and an appropriate place to host manager's guests. Management desk should be greater than other available desks in the office space to indicate the higher post of manager in terms of dimensions than other staff. Embedding devices which provide equipments to make manager comfort is of significant points. Equipments such as personal small buffet, access to private sanitary services and etc that these factors are not necessary in the space and are used depending on the size of the space and user's personal desires.

Conference Room

This space has special conditions in terms of application that also requires observing the special considerations; points like being acoustic of space, setting the ambient light, in case of having video projection or slide and etc. One of the most essential furniture for this space is conference desk which has different shapes according to the size of the space and predicted numbers of people using it. In cases where it is not intended to observe the posts and superiority in the transposition place to sit, round desk is used. If the use the video projector or slide device is necessary, we should note that the display screen should be exposed to public view and in case of being window; thick curtain should be used to make space dark during display. Specific materials are used to make space acoustic. If there is a separate space for conference room, wall coverings and acoustic false ceilings are used. If there is not a separate space, sound proof partitions can be used. The use of wooden and leathery tattoos will help a lot.

Personnel Room

This space may host various personnel that while having conflicting activities they work beside each other. Semi-private space should be created for each one to avoid inconvenience and disruption in the work. Since separating a large room into smaller sections is not somewhat logical, completely separated spaces can not be built. As a result, it is recommended low-height partitions to be used. Usually office furniture reserved for this space has special arrangement that some examples of this arrangement are described in the following.

Stylistic Fitness

Furniture style fitness is an obvious matter that has been fully mentioned in the part of home furniture. But the remarkable point is that not only stylistic contrast has no problem in separate spaces, but also this conflict has a great help in distinguishing the spaces. For example, management room with absolutely classic furniture design besides other areas which are designed modern has no problem, and separates this space from other sectors. Another point that we should mention is that modern style is usually used for designing and equipping office space and management room is also designed classically.

Fitness with used space

How to choose or design the office furniture has a direct relationship with its used space, observing the furniture standards of each part has been fully described in the user section. But office furniture can also have combination form and how to use it depends on the used space in it. For example, where there is limited space, shelves, libraries or files can be used as a partition and in fact, some furniture can be designed which has multi-purpose application. The type of arrangement is another problem that depends on the space circumstances. For example in a waiting space where the number of clients is expected too much and many furniture is required, bilateral furniture can be used because Sitting back to back of clients is far from problem.

Specific User

From the beginning of the history of decoration and furniture industry all standards, including architecture standards have been based on the human body modular and up to now these standards are being observed that furniture designers and manufacturers follow these standards too. But there are some cases that compel us to design some furniture with special conditions; for example it is possible that a designer designs a furniture to be located in a special section so that an ordinary furniture has no efficacy in terms of form and size in that space.

Psycho- Mental Effects

The notable point in the design and selection of office furniture is that when entering such a space, its being office is well induced. For such a sense, very bright and delicate colors should not be used, colors such as pink, bright orange, sky blue, pistachio kernel green and similar colors. Appropriate colors for such spaces can be of neutral colors. The use of metal is the best choice for this space. Appropriate color for management furniture is black and brown that has usually more effect with the combination of red color or warm colors. It is necessary to use materials with high resistance, because these spaces are depreciated due to the high traffic, therefore, thick velvet or leather is usually selected for the fabric of office furniture. Of course the other reason for using the leather is its easy cleaning possibility. In many cases, the derivatives of the plastic are used for seats cushion and insole.

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