Kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration

Among the different spaces of a house, the kitchen is a place where the least attention in decorating is considered there that has been dubbed as "home heart" by interior designers. Although, nowadays because of the time family members spend in kitchen, kitchen is considered as one of the main areas of home, but the focus of family members in creating a favorable environment for life is also living room. If you see this matter with few care and patience, you will notice that why the presence of families in the restaurants has become more prominent than before these years and you will certainly understand the reason of reaching the final border of the sales of food preparation centers, when the housewife is forced to work in an ordinary and unattractive kitchen, how can she be patient in cooking. As the establishing coordination between the two elements of color and light has a role in the proper function, visual beauty, space harmony and positive energy transfer of other rooms of the house, therefore the type of rooms coloring and use of natural light gives a big help to the space desirability in the kitchen. The suggestion of interior designers in the design of modern kitchens is the use of glowing and bright colors such as orange, red, yellow and green that brings the sense of being alive and glory for the kitchen. This sense is the result of the contrast of walls and appliances colors. Apart from the method of staining and lighting which is done by halogen, fluorescent lamps, hanging lights on the counter and the installation of a lace curtains in kitchen overlooking the outside, attention to the layout of the kitchen peripheral appliances has a special importance in order to create a space that one could activate there without concern. In general there are three major centers in the kitchen that their locations will determine the appropriate location for other appliances. These three centers are:

1. Center of food preservation (refrigerators and freezers)

2. Center of cooking (stove and oven)

3. Center of washing (sink and dishwasher)

Indeed, most of the cooking stages result from the person's motions between these three main points. Work triangle has also this possibility so that the person can be active with peace of mind and away from any dangerous incidents which usually happens in the kitchen.

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