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The root of human’s relation and interest to the plants may emanate from many years ago, perhaps the age of early humans. The use of plants has had an evolutionary path and widespread scientific enthusiasm throughout the history.

According to the scientific researches, the existence of green space has a great effect on human spirit, for this reason it is so important to give significance to the role of green space in human life and create more interest to the tree, flower, and grass and ... in the existence of any person. Nowadays creating green space has become as an integral science in building construction and city making science.

Unfortunately this science is not taken seriously in Iran and if a green space is created for houses’ yard or cities, it is performed by non-qualified people and has no proportion to the spirit of the project owner or project type.

In designing the green space, factors such as the type of zone climate, the taste of project owner, the topography of desired location and the size and shape of desired location should be considered. Also the created green space should have coordination with the building existing in desired location.

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