Bedroom decoration

Bedroom decoration

It is the most private part of a house that it is necessary to maintain maximum comfort and convenience there. The main element of a bedroom is its bed that by observing the standard in its design an appropriate and soothing bed can be provided for house people.

Important notes of the bedroom can include:

The location of bed in a bedroom can have a significant impact on a person's comfort feeling; in addition to the decoration and furniture, a comfortable space depends on the direction of bed that these three modes should exist in it:

1. The head is better to be put towards north.

2. The location should be considered according to the light (view from window toward other side).

3. Sight should be towards the door of room.

Where there is more than one bed in a bedroom, their location in relation to each other is important; based on that people are friend, brother, sister or a guest, bed layout is different and important.

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