Smart homes

Smart homes

You may already have met the term of (smart home) or (building automation). The building automation is in fact a controlling system which is used to manage different devices in a residential or commercial environment to increase comfort, safety and also decrease the consumption of electrical energy. It can be briefly mentioned to the facilities such as: safety, security, music, lighting, sockets or any other electrical consumer, heating and cooling, electrical curtains or awnings in a house. Equipments controlled by this system (Smart Building) can include whole or a part of above cases that are mentioned below.

All building automation systems are based on a few main parts:

1. Sensors as detecting or measuring instruments

2. Functions for performing the scheduled commands

3. Control modules (Control Units) as an interface between the user (human) and system

Protection systems:

- Smoke or fire detection (fire alarm) - automatic control valves for gas and water in case of leakage

- Gas leak detection - video and audio alarm play

- Water leak detection - automatic call to determined numbers through telephone

Security systems:

- Controlling and observing the images of closed circuit cameras

- Automated call to the determined phone numbers (police or desired number)

- Playing optical or audio alarm

Audio and video systems:

- Music play

- FM radio with the ability to store multiple stations

- The possibility of audio or video communication "bilateral image" (Inter COM System) between different areas.

- Controlling the ordinary or video door phone with the ability of receiving the voice, image and opening two different doors.

- The possibility of call divert with the entrance door phone to the phone line in the absence of people at home

Lighting system:

- Compatibility with types of incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and low consumption bulbs

- Adjusting the light of incandescent and halogen bulbs (dimmer)

- Turning bulbs on and off randomly at night to simulate the presence

- Use of normal keys as aid tools to send orders

- Controlling the lighting system through the light and presence sensors, manually, or via scheduling by phone.

Electrical consumers:

- Controlling all electrical consumers such as lighting, cooler, heaters, laundry and irrigation system

- Controlling the electrical consumers manually and automatically (scheduling) and remotely (phone line)

- Controlling the consumers with infrared control remote through memorizing the signals of each device and controlling all of them by one control remote (such as tape recorders, televisions, player devices)

Electrical curtains and curtains or awnings:

- Controlling the curtains or awnings by using meteorological sensors to detect wind blowing intensity, detect the light of morning and evening and detect raining.

- Controlling manually, automatically (the scheduling or weather sensors) and remotely (phone line)

- Randomized control of curtains or awnings in day and night to simulate the presence

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